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I'm a music freak. I'm like Grissom and his bugs, only it's me an my cd and vynl collection (well, I DO have bugs, too, but that's a whole other story). And only the fact that I just see it as a given that you know who "Grissom" (and his crawlies) is, so that I use him as a comparison for you to understand things better, seems to me not as scary as it probably should be . . .
But I digress. Well, people consider me as all knowing when it comes to music, but it never occured to me that I have quite an obsession until a while ago. It's downright scary. I know shit I shouldn't know about, the 'charts' is a list for me which screams "don't buy this crap!" and I spent waaaaaay to much money on cds (I'm still a student which adds up to the problem of getting my hands on some money).
Yeah. I'm one of those wackos who still buy their music, legally - with REAL MONEY!

As it is, I couldn't spend it on other things. Well, books, certainly. Technical stuff, sure. I don't smoke, and I don't think I ever will. I don't drink alcohol. I'm not that stupid, you know, drinking pure alcohol xD (sorry, little insider here).

Yeah. DVD's. I guess you could call me a pop culture kid, emphasis on culture. My room's full with books - fiction and non fiction; Art and text books, too. I have an affectation for everything aesthete, which is probably something entirely different compared to your conception of beauty or anything such as.

I'm open minded and tolerant. I hate narrowed minded people who are still stuck living in the middle ages. My father's one of them, but I stopped listening to him, because it was getting pretty ridiculous (and awkward if you want the truth).

I'm probably the only one (in my age) I know, who, unsolicitous, is happy to visit museums or art galleries; operas *hahaha* Okay, a few of them are a serious pain in the ass, but I really like Mozart ^^' And classic music.

I sing. Yes, also under the shower, if that's it what you think. But I'm not one of those chicks who pretend they have a good voice and run off to some casting show. I'm taking Jazz Vocal Lessons since 2 years. I also have a 'weak' (not quite so good, because I'm goddamn lazy) absolute hearing, well, at least a relative. That means that you play me some note on a piano or somewhere else, and I can tell you which one it is. Mostly I'm right, but I could be better if I'd practiced a bit more . . .
My vocal coach calls me "My Jazz Queen". Heh. Sweet.

My other passion is reading. When I have some off time, you are most likely to catch me with a book, or at my beloved computer. I also read fanfic, mostly slash. I don't consider it as something dirty or wrong. It's just that I noticed that most of the fanfics online are *uh* 'romantically' oriented, and if you once read a het fic (CSI especially), you know at least a bunch of reasons why I prefer slash. Well, and two hot men . . . if men can get their two girls fantasy, I can at least have mine *hmmm* It's not a secret I keep, but I'm not running around, screaming "I'm reading Gay Porn!" If people don't like it . . . go ahead, it's your decision.

Sooo, if you're still reading this *wow* Thanks :D

Stuff. Odd. Strange. Strange odd random thingees I can only shake my head about.
Facts you never wanted to know about me, although they seem note worthy for their oddnes sake.

I'm a sucker for Slash fanfiction (preferred fandom: CSI).

I adore (read: 'can't believe how he's doing that') Billy Joels musical talent, but when I see him on TV or in one of his videos, I can't shake off the feeling that he looks like some creature who'd crawled out from somewhere underground . . . like a hedgehog. He's so totally not loved by the camera. Please, don't do any more video's, Billy. I love you (you=music) and all, but . . . just - don't.

God bless Jimmy Somerville (and his balls).

I think Willem Defoe is an institution.

I can't seem to get rid of my particular preference for older men ("I don't want a boy, get me a man!").

I can't seem to get rid of the above mentioned preference, because a (male) friend of mine told me that I seem to "dig older men". I called him a fag (oh, so much love there). I suppose we're even.

I laugh at violence. I don't know why. And I think that the disturbing thing is that I don't know why.

I have a hair fetish concerning William Petersen (Just look at that neck! oO').

For me, Brian Cox is the real first Hannibal. Brian, you're the one and only (I'm soooo in love with his accent! *Gah* You gotta love those Brits xD).

I am afraid of the following people:

Michael Jackson (*eeek °_°)

Tom Cruise

Tom Noonan (No offence . . . I'm more afraid of his performance as "Tooth Fairy" rather than of himself)

I can't see why people become completely caught up in this Sara/Grissom thing. Well . . . I can't stand Sara. Wow, suddenly, this makes perfectly sense.

I'm amazed (and terribly amused in a sadistic way) that I can scare my brother to death with a bucket of urine. (See, my granny can't walk anymore, so she has this 'camping loo' sorta thing in her room, and I'm such a nice person and clean it out for her, every single day.) I just have to come near my brother with this thing, and he's scared shitless (pardon the pun xD).

I can't stand the way Sheryl Crows lips curl when she sings. As a matter of fact, I can't stand Sheryl Crow! HA!

For all of you who are not gifted with the ability to speak German - well, it's more of a curse, really . . . you don't know how lucky I am NOT to have to study this bullshit as a foreign language *shivers* -, here's the translation of my Journal Title. It's taken from a song by "Farin Urlaub" (which means something like "Goingon Holidays") called "Wie Ich den Marilyn-Manson-Ähnlichkeitswettbewerd Verlor" (transl.="How I lost at the Marilyn-Manson-Lookalike-Contest"). It's hilarious.

"Menschenopfer, harte Drogen, sexuelle Hörigkeit
Tofubrötchen, Fencheltee und blanker Neid"

"Human sacrifice, hard drugs, sexual submission
Tofu buns, fennel tea and sheer envy"